How do I get an offer for my trip?
Feel free to contact us using our contact form on our website or write to info@elbtravel.de

Am I being charged for an offer?
No, all our offers are non-binding and free of charge.

Can I get personal advice?
Of course you can reach us at any time during our opening hours.

How do i pay?
You will receive an invoice that you have to pay: We ask for a deposit of 25% and 30 days before arrival for the remaining amount of 75%.

What does “Force Majeure” fall under?
Natural disasters and local events that prevent you from arriving.

Who is my local contact?
Your local contacts are the employees of the individual camps and lodges, as well as our partner Hidden Gems (Mario Voss).

What do I do if I have problems along the way?
Problems that cannot be resolved on site can be discussed personally and individually by phone (or by email) with Elbtravel or Hidden Gems. We are always there for you.

Can you help me book flights?
If you wish, we would be happy to recommend individual flight routes that can be perfectly combined with your vacation.

I am interested in a safari. What do i do next?
Please fill out our contact form on the website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Your inquiries and our non-binding offers are free of charge for you.

What kind of vehicles are used?
VDifferent types of SUVs that are specially designed and equipped for safaris.

When is the best time to travel?
The best travel time depends on the country you want to travel to. As a rule of thumb, May to November are popular travel times, as the rainy season pauses there or does not have as much influence.

What kind of weather can I expect on the safari?
It depends on the season. Usually it is colder in the morning, up to 10 degrees. Up to 38 degrees at noon. A jacket is recommended for the morning safari. During the day until the evening it gets summerly warm.

Can i go on a self drive safari?
Yes, some camps & lodges also allow self-drive safaris. Please make sure to discuss this with us, as some explanations are required here.

I travel with young children - is a safari like this a suitable vacation?
Many accommodations only allow children from the age of 12.

Safari preparation
What kind of clothes do i need?
Check our detailed packing list for this.

Do I need any vaccinations or special medication before traveling to Africa?
Depends on the region. Find out in good time before you start your journey from your local health department, as some vaccinations have time windows.

Do i need a visa?
The entry requirements can change. Please find out more from your local office before starting your journey.

Are there any restrictions on baggage allowance?
We recommend using bags instead of suitcases, as these can be transported better in trolleys and are easier stowed in small aircrafts.

All about your trip
How long are the driving times of a safari tour?
As a rule, safaris are done twice a day: in the morning from approx. 6: 00-10: 00 and in the afternoon from approx. 4: 00-20: 00..

Who runs the safaris?
The trained rangers/guides of the accommodations.

How big is my travel group? Can I travel alone / with my partner?
Our trips are ideal for anyone. We would be happy to put together suitable offers for you according to your ideas.

Will I see the "Big Five"?
We cannot guarantee it, but depending on the national parks visited, you have a good chance all year round. Generally speaking elephants, buffalos and lions are a little easier to find than leopards or rhinos. But it really all depends on the country and park.

What kind of food and drinks can i expect on safari?
The food in the camps and lodges is excellent and will be a mix of African, European and international cuisine. Excellent South African wines are available in all lodges and tented camps.

How do I pay on site?
The usual practice in most camps and lodges during your safari is to pay in US dollars. Euro is not recommended. Paying by credit card is mostly possible, but can be expensive.

How about the electricity?
The electrical voltage in African countries is 220 volts and the three-pole English adapter is required. Many of the accommodations out in the bush, especially the tent camps, have generators and solar power and therefore you may not be able to charge your electrical devices and batteries in your room. In this case, take your camera etc. with you to the bar or restaurant and have it charged during dinner. On Safari, you may also be able to charge cell phones and cameras from sockets in the Safari vehicles.

I want to take some really good photos - how close will I actually get to the animals? Is it getting dangerous?
With the game drives, you can get very close to the animals. An optical zoom of 400, a wide angle are helpful to capture the whole range of subjects. Tip: Before you go, make sure you free up enough storage space, choose a high resolution for video and set your display to high brightness so that you can see something on it while you are filming. Some safari vehicles have pop-up roofs and windows can be opened here for photography. And finally, safaris are individual - that means that you can stop the vehicles at any time and for as long as you want to take your pictures in peace. Incidentally, some of the most satisfied guests come without cameras and just enjoy the sight of the animals and landscapes.

Since we offer different countries and work with many different lodges and camps, these are only guidelines and not fixed statements. The best thing to do is to contact us directly so that we can respond individually to your wishes and inquiries.

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