AnabeziLodge-89 Kopie
In the classic sense, a lodge is larger than a camp or bush camp, has running water and electricity and usually also a swimming pool.

In the last few years the picture has changed a bit – the names Lodge and Camp flow into one another, as both mostly offer electricity (at least solar-powered) and also a small pool. There is also running water in almost all lodges and camps.

The real difference lies between camps / lodges and the so-called bush camps.

These are mostly more remote and exclusive, with a maximum of 10-12 guests or fewer and in remote areas. There is usually still running water here (even if some camps still use a “bucket shower”), electricity is usually reduced to a few lights and battery charging stations (as solar-powered).


The word bush camp should not be misleading: there are a lot of very luxurious bush camps that offer great comfort. And then there are the more rustic bush camps, which bring the guest very close to nature.

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