Mana Pools
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The Nyamatusi Camp - translated “wild” - is the youngest member of the African Bush Camps Collection and their flagship in terms of its environmentally conscious style. It is located in one of the wildest and most remote areas of Africa, on the banks of the Zambezi - one of the oldest rivers in the world. This property offers comfort and embodies all-round sustainable design: Fully solar-powered and built from purely natural materials, it nestles elegantly into the wilderness. Here your Mana Pool safari takes place in front of an expansive river landscape, where epic encounters with gray giants who roam this land await you.

Fully solar powered

View of the
Zambezi River

Walking safaris as highlight

Luxury Camp

The camp consists of six luxurious tented suites with an uninterrupted view of the river and the hills beyond and invites you to a blissful escape into nature. Each romantic guest tent is adorned with soft curtains and has air conditioning, an indoor and outdoor shower, as well as a private viewing deck and a plunge pool. From the cozy bar or the refreshing pool, you can admire the incredible sights and sounds of one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Africa.

The Trail of Elephants

Spend your days walking in the footsteps of ancient explorers and in the footsteps of the elephants that criss-cross the floodplains. During game drives or exciting canoe safaris, watch the spectacle of nature that unfolds before your eyes. “Catch and Release” on the Zambezi River and bird safaris are highlights here. All of these activities are included in your stay and are led by qualified and passionate guides who will share their knowledge and attention to detail with you.

View of Zambezi River

. View over the Mana Pool National Park: The location of the Nyamatusi camp offers an undisturbed view of the mighty Zambezi River, a hotspot for wild animals. From the lookout point, be rewarded with some incredible sightings of iconic big game species right on your doorstep. Elephants who are familiar with the area like to stop by regularly. You might spot them visiting the plunge pool in front of the camp or while walking past your guest tent.

Mana-Pool- Safari

A Mana Pool safari is characterized by foot safaris, which are done in the huge Nyamatusi wilderness concession. This is an area largely undisturbed by humans, resulting in abundant wildlife and pristine landscapes. Experience an incomparable safari on foot and a deep connection with Africa in its most pristine, natural state.
All you need is your hiking boots and a healthy appetite for adventure!

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Panoramic view of a waterhole on the Makololo plains with elephants and zebras congregating in the heat - heat haze is visible. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

National Park

A forgotten piece of earth near the famous Victoria Falls. The national park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe.

African wild dog pups eating from a prey in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe

Mana Pools
National Park

Wonderful acacia landscapes directly on the Zambezi. Wild dogs are often spotted at the Mana Pools.

The picturesque rock formations of the Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe


Here wooded highlands and deep valleys alternate, the landscape is often covered by a thick blanket of fog ("vumba").



the oasis of calm overlooks the eternally shimmering water of Lake Kariba

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