Time + Tide Mchenja 4
South Luangwa National Park
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Surrounded by a grove of towering ebony trees on one side and the Luangwa River on the other, Time + Tide Mchenja offers pure luxury in the heart of the South Luangwa National Park. With a view of a wide expanse of the river, Time + Tide Mchenja is ideal for observing large herds of elephants crossing the Luangwa River.

Luxury meets adventure

Pool overlooking the river

South Luangwa Nationalpark

Panoramic Views

The rooms offer style, comfort and luxury for an authentic safari experience. Each room has comfortable beds, large picture windows and a bathtub with a view. The family suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms is the perfect retreat for friends and families traveling together. The refreshing pool is great for relaxing between safari activities - be ready to share it with thirsty elephants!

Leopards and Lions

Explore the diverse habitats of the region with the award-winning guiding team. The game viewing in this area is great: leopards and lions occasionally roam through camp in search of prey.
Night safaris are also usually full of exciting surprises!

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Leopard laying on the african plains yawning with large canine teeth and whiskers clearly visible.  South Luangwa, Zambia


A still largely undiscovered area and one of the best in Africa to track down the shy leopards.

Elephants in NP Lower Zambezi - Zambia

Lower Zambesi National Park

Canoeing among hippos and drinking elephants! This experience in the pristine wilderness and bird paradise is unique!


Zambias premier safari camp

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